Here’s a word from one of our co-founders, Violet Lee

As a primary school student, I could hardly differentiate a noun from a verb.
As a parent, I could not help my sons in subjects which I had not studied before.
As a tuition centre operator, I found that one size doesn’t fit all.
As a tutor, I realised that different approaches are required for each child to actualise his / her potential.
My career as a tutor began when I first taught English to a group of foreign students in a private school upon my graduation from National University of Singapore (NUS). Over the years, I have taught local students as well as students from China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Laos. Lessons ranged from basic language acquisition to the mastery of the English language.
My years of experience in tutoring has also honed my skills to spot signs of learning disabilities. I have worked with students with dyslexia, autism and asperger. No one is born lazy. With patience, encouragement and the right support system, we can help unleash your child’s potential.
So here’s where Tutors’ Inc. comes in. First, we make it our goal to understand your child’s learning needs. Then we will devise a work plan that is suitable for your child. Working closely with our tutors, we will help your child succeed.
Looking forward to partnering with you on this learning journey!
Tutors, if you are keen to make a difference in the lives of our students, we welcome you to join our Tutors’ Inc. family.
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